Accused carried a huge knife

ACCUSED of killing his girlfriend Lorraine Cheryl Bolt with a knife, Donald Paul Yuke, of Coraki, was seen just hours before her body was found carrying a big knife in his pants at the Geoff Watt Oval where a group of young people were drinking.

The body of Ms Bolt, 48, was found on a bed in her Alstonville home on Deegan Street across from the oval just after 3.30am on March 29, 2008.

“I'd never seen a knife that long before,” Rebecca Laurie (a relative of Ms Bolt) told police in a statement read to the jury by the Crown during the trial of Yuke in Lismore Supreme Court yesterday.

Yuke, referred to by his nickname ‘Flip' by some witnesses, is pleading not guilty to the murder of Ms Bolt but has pleaded guilty to her manslaughter, saying her death had been an accident.

Ms Laurie, 25, was cross-examined about her statement in which she stated ‘Flip' turned up ‘pissed' at the oval about 7.30pm on the night of March 28 where ‘about 20 white boys and girls' were drinking and began harassing some of the young guys for grog.

She said ‘Aunty Cheryl' came out of her house an hour later and began accusing Flip (Yuke) of playing up and wanting to have sex with the young women who were there.

“I told her to shut up and stop being stupid,” Ms Laurie said.

She recounted how Yuke sometime after 11pm at the oval had a long-bladed carving knife that he pulled from his jeans and held by his leg while talking to a young man. She described the blade of the knife as huge.

Ms Bolt's daughter Lekira Watts, 20, said she heard her mother and Yuke arguing, yelling and screaming earlier that night with her mother locking herself in a bedroom with Yuke trying to kick it down.

Ms Watts said she returned later to her home around 1am or 2am to see how her mother was and saw her lying on the bed asleep with ‘Flip' standing at the bedroom door.

“I checked to see if she was breathing. She was snoring (and) I pulled the blanket down off her face,” she said, and had then gone back to the oval. Yuke also later returned to the oval and was drinking ‘goon' (moselle).

Pathologist Dr Allan Cala did the autopsy on the body of Ms Bolt and described a serious stab wound on her right upper arm that penetrated her lung and caused an immediate and severe blood loss.

The wound had passed through into a rib and Dr Cala said that would have caused her difficulty breathing putting her in imminent danger of dying through the severance of a major blood vessel and a vein.

He said she would have lost consciousness within minutes.

“Once the wound was inflicted then death would occur within 15 to 20 minutes,” Dr Cala said.

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