Be careful this fire season.
Be careful this fire season. Mike Knott

Accidental ways you could start a fire

WITH the weather heating up dramatically, and firefighters on the alert, it's important to keep in mind fire safety.

It can be very easy for a bushfire or housefire to start (but not to put out), so it's important to be aware of all the little, weird ways a fire can be ignited:


Don't flick your cigarette butt out the window, ever. Firefighters warn that this is one way a bushfire can actually get started - by cigarette ash or butts that have not been put out completely igniting dry grass.

In addition, don't smoke in bed, warn firefighters, as it can be fatal - tiny embers can smoulder unnoticed and burst into flame much later.

Clothes Dryers

Always clean lint filters after each load. There are also stories of the underwire of a bra getting caught in the dryer and starting a fire.


Never, ever leave burning candles unattended. Do not sleep with a burning candle. Make sure curtains and other flammable items are well away from burning candles. Simple.


Not exactly a secret, but fireplaces can cause a house fire. Have your chimney and flue cleaned annually, and make sure you never dry clothes close by the fire.


Make sure your children know that playing with fire can be dangerous and keep all matches, lighters and candles out of reach of small children. Teach children to bring matches or lighters they find to an adult immediately.

Christmas trees

Hot lights + fake tree + tinsel = the potential for disaster. Be safe and aware. It has happened before, believe it or not.


Be careful when operating a BBQ, and never leave a BBQ unattended - there was one horror story told in our office about a BBQ actually catching fire and melting.


I'm sure it's no surprise to you that a campfire could cause a bushfire. Make sure that campfire is created within RFS guidelines, and make sure any fire you create is completely extinguished before leaving camp.


Northern Rivers Rural Fire Service zone manager, Daniel Ainsworth said one of the most peculiar fire triggers he's seen is from discarded glass bottles.

The hot temperatures warming up the glass combined with dry conditions have caused fires to ignite on grass and bushland.

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