ABC’s New Year’s Eve coverage divides viewers

THE ABC left viewers unimpressed with its NYE coverage, after audio issues affected the broadcast and the hosts almost missed the midnight countdown.

The ABC was broadcasting live from the Sydney Opera House forecourt with hosts Ella Hooper and News 24 presenter Jeremy Fernandez.

As it got closer to midnight, the Hoodoo Gurus performed just minutes before the fireworks went off with a bang.

But the hosts got distracted chatting to front man Dave Faulkner, leaving the band's drummer to remind them to start the countdown.

Viewers noticed and let the national broadcaster know.

Others were upset that the telecast was delayed for Queensland viewers.

The Pub Quiz hosted by Lawrence Mooney was once again on air and Charlie Pickering's The Yearly also made the cut for the extravaganza coverage.

Some loved the quiz making a comeback, while others disliked the Falls Festival music that the ABC showed which featured bands including Broods, Violent Soho and Matt Corby among others.

But it was not all bad with other viewers taking to social media to share their love for the coverage.

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