Mark Butler.
Mark Butler. Jay Cronan

Abbott's carbon tax plan 'a Tea Party' policy from US

THE Opposition is likening the Coalition to the America's extreme right-ring, labelling proposed carbon policy as something that would come from the Tea Party.

The Labor Party flew into battle against the government's plans to dump the carbon tax on Wednesday, after Prime Minister Tony Abbott details of the impending bills on Tuesday afternoon.

It is to be the first issue to be discussed when Parliament resumes on November 11.

Meanwhile, Opposition environment spokesman Mark Butler bounced between media outlets on Wednesday, warning the Coalition would need to compromise if it wanted to dump the tax before June 30 next year.

Mr Butler said the Opposition supported the scrapping of the tax, but only if the government would replace it with an emissions trading scheme.

"We have not seen another market-based mechanism operate around the world as effectively as an ETS," Mr Butler told ABC's AM program.

"The Liberal Party in Australia is one of only two political parties, along with the Tea Party elements of the Republicans (in the United States) that think that there's an alternative to an emissions trading scheme."

The Tea Party - an extreme arm of the Republican party - is largely responsible for a deadlock in the United States congress which is now pushing the country towards a catastrophic default on its debt.

The Coalition is putting up a strong front against their opponents, whose support it will need to dump the tax.

Mr Abbott said he expected Labor to respond to its recent electoral routing by supporting the end to the tax rather than risk defying the demands of the public.

"(Opposition Leader Bill Shorten) is nothing if not a political pragmatist," Mr Abbott said on Tuesday.

"He is nothing if not a political survivor.

"We are giving the Labor Party a chance to repent of its support of the carbon tax.

"I think that the Labor Party, being pragmatic political survivors, will ultimately embrace that opportunity."

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