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A wild party to start this year’s festival

BACK in the 1920s, Joseph Moncure penned a robust streetwise beat poem that told the story of bootlegging, flappers, social change, gangsters, jazz and love, all captured in one decadent all-night rendezvous, it was called The Wild Party.

The poem is the perfect theme for the opening of the Mullum Music Festival this year.

Organisers are predicting a decadent opening night party showcasing the music festival's Best in Show.

First in line will be the 'Queenie of the Party', vaudeville artiste extraordinaire, Miss Bertie Page.

Expect spangles and glam and sharp stilettos from the girl who delivers everything from ballads to burlesque.

Barry Humphries said once that Bertie "has more talent than inhibitions! She is seriously entertaining!"

Joining the fray will be the Harry James Angus Band, promising to have you wiping a tear from your eye and sweat from your brow with their fully spirited museum-style jazz.

Reviving recordings from pre and post-war eras, Mullum Music Festival patron and curator of the Village Vanguard (at the Ex Services Club) gives a little taste of what's in store across the road.

In a zoot suit and a Cuban heel, pocket-rocket Mojo Juju will also take centre stage alongside Snake Oil Merchant drummer and brother, T-Bone.

Together the sibling duo showcases the sartorial inspiration and delivers a mighty vocal complemented by downright dirty guitar.

Charismatic musical partnership Baby Et Lulu will pay tribute to the great singers and songwriters of gay Paris, with special mention, of course, for their rendition of the music of Eva Peron.

Other entertainers on the night will be Mario Queen of the Circus (aka Clarke McFarlane).

Patrons are invited to dress in theme as flappers or bootleggers or gangsters or sirens or as their most decadent wild selves.

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