A treasure trove of historical newspaper clippings

South Casino resident Leanne Albert with the pile of scrapbooks she discovered at her mother's house with newspaper clippings dating back to 1951.
South Casino resident Leanne Albert with the pile of scrapbooks she discovered at her mother's house with newspaper clippings dating back to 1951. Samantha Elley

WHEN Leanne Albert (nee Riggall) and her sister cleaned out their mother's house after she moved to a nursing home, she stumbled across a treasure trove.

Amongst her belongings were 15 scrapbooks and ledgers full to overflowing of newspaper clippings dated between 1951 to 1986, that Ms Albert's grandmother Lily Lancaster had been compiling.


"There are mainly photos of weddings, stories of multiple births, people turning 100 in the Casino area," Ms Albert said.

"There's also newspaper stories on the Queen's visit to Casino in 1954, a double page of photos of Prince Charles and Lady Diana inthe 1980s."

Ms Albert said the earliest story seems to be of her uncle's wedding in 1951 and the latest are clippings not pasted in place yet.

"My grandmother died in August 1986 and some of those clippings are from October 1986, so my mother must have continued on the tradition," she said.

Ms Albert said she probably won't cut out the same amount of clippings as her grandmother and mother did but with four children, she would be inclined to collect any stories and photos of family.

Working in aged care, Ms Albert has recognised many of her clients in the photos and been received with delight when she has shown them the books.

"There's a lot of Casino history in these scrapbooks," she said.

There are also some international events depending on what interested Ms Albert's grandmother.

"There's a lot of clippings of the royals, John F Kennedy, even the Pope and we aren't Catholic," she said.

The majority of the clippings have come from the local papers The Northern Star and the Richmond River Express Examiner but there were a few from city newspapers too.

While not sure what she will do with the books, Ms Albert said eventuall they will be passed on to her children.

If you have an historical treasure trove hiding in your home, please feel free to share with us. You can send me an email on

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