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Savvy single mum Anglea pens book about going it alone

Rachel Richards is ready to be a mother.

She's got a great job, a good income, a beautiful inner-city apartment, and a great group of supportive friends. All she needs is a man to have the child with.

But go-getter Rachel won't let a little thing like that get in the way of her dreams.

After researching different options to become pregnant, from co-parenting, adoption and anonymous sperm donors, Rachel finally settles on a method of conception - using a known donor.

Making the decision to choose the biological father for her child, Rachel picks Digby.

The single, softly spoken Canadian comes with a complicated family background.

As Rachel tries to fall pregnant, the well-established foundation for her dream begins to develop cracks.

Lyndall, her nightmare boss, is becoming even more obsessed with ruining Rachel's career.

A desirable - but undeniably married - colleague is beginning to show inappropriate interest and the stress of her impending new life is starting to take its toll on her health.

Now Rachel is beginning to question if she should have followed the rules of conception after all...


THIS fictional work by debut author Angela Lawrence presents an inspiring and poignant modern day story about a single woman who defies convention, using a sperm donor to give her the child she wants.

Lawrence undertook research into the concept of planned single parenthood, investigating the largely unknown and often problematic process of using a donor and exploring how these women ultimately equip themselves to cope with being a working single parent.

After watching numerous interviews with single women who used donors to have a child, Angela realised they were portrayed overwhelmingly in the media as disappointed by love and, for the most part, desperate.

As a single mother who felt positive about her situation, Angela said she felt inspired to write a modern-day story about a woman deciding to parent alone.

Out next month, Rules of Conception will be available at bookstores or go to


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