Baymax and Hiro in a scene from the movie Big Hero 6.
Baymax and Hiro in a scene from the movie Big Hero 6.

A lovable, huggable robot

CINEMA Under the Stars is returning to Ballina for the seventh time due to popular demand and is sponsored by Newcastle Permanent.

The free event will feature family favourite Big Hero 6, rated PG.

A loveable, huggable robot is the star of this Disney animated blockbuster.

Sci fi with Hiro

The sci-fi adventure centres on Hiro, a young tech prodigy who is grieving the untimely death of his older brother Tadashi.

Hiro's strongest connection to his brother is the prototype of a healthcare robot Tadashi was working on at university.

That robot, Baymax, was inspired by real-life inflatable robot technologies currently being developed at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University.

"It was important for us to make sure we created a robot like no one had ever seen," producer Roy Conli told APN.

Huggable robot

"One of the things we talked about early on was that we wanted a huggable robot.

"Western culture tends to look at robots as violent creatures whereas in eastern philosophy, in terms of robots, they're very gentle, they're care-giving and actually mental health companions in a certain sense.

"The vinyl technology gave us an ability to do that."

When faced with a new threat, robotics genius Hiro does his best to turn Baymax and Tadashi's university friends into a group of superheroes.

Marvel inspired

The film was inspired by a little-known Marvel comic - discovered in the Marvel archives by co-director Don Hall - which starred a Tokyo-based superhero team.

"There were only 12 issues ever made of the comic book," Conli said.

The result is the film's setting of San Fransokyo, a colourful east/west mash-up metropolis brought to life by a new rendering system and lighting software Disney developed.

"We developed an entirely new light rendering system, called Global Illumination, and then we made a piece of software called Hyperion, which is a ray-traced system that allows light to more physically mimic actual light," he said.

Event details

The event will start at 5.30pm, with the movie to screen at sunset at Missingham Park, Ballina, Friday, November 6.

Guests are encouraged to bring a picnic. Food and non-alcoholic drinks will be available.

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