Jimi Wollumbin.
Jimi Wollumbin. Mel McMillan

Herbs help keep the doctor away

MARKET-goers at Blue Knob were treated to a seminar on community development and health care on the weekend, courtesy of a well-travelled alternative medicine identity.

Returning from a month-long stint in India where he helped a rural community establish a sustainable health care system, Jimi Wollumbin shared his tips on saving a trip to the doctor with home remedies for mild illnesses.

Mr Wollumbin, a Uki resident, is the chief executive officer of non-government organisation One Health, which runs sustainable community health care programs in eight countries.

Mr Wollumbin spoke to a small yet engaged crowd at the Blue Knob farmers market on Saturday.

"There is a range of folks concerned there are times of crisis coming up and they want to have greater control over their energy, food and health," he said.

He spoke of the importance of community infrastructure such as farmers markets in ensuring community health.

"Tis an enormous amount of social drivers of disease, such as when people are disconnected from each other socially, they stop engaging in healthy lifestyle practices and go towards diseases like alcoholism," he said.

"As a result disease increases with the breakdown of social structures. In rebuilding community structures and having this shared sense, the people that have the knowledge of the right way to live morally can share this knowledge.

"These people are going to the local farmer's markets and places where the community is together."

When it comes to providing your own health care, it can be as easy as pulling out some home-grown herbs from the backyard.

Ginger, lemongrass and turmeric, which contain anti-bacterial components, can help injuries and common infections whereas aniseed myrtle can subdue a general cough.

While he does not dissuade people from seeking the help of professionals, he said everybody could treat a mild common illness.

"For an area where there is a strong agricultural focus, growing herbs for health care is what people are interested in at Blue Knob."

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