Sydney DJ Matt Vaughan.
Sydney DJ Matt Vaughan.

A Delicious party for a seasoned DJ

DELICIOUS dance party will be welcoming Sydney hit DJ Matt Vaughan next month.

Matt Vaughan is the driving force behind Loose Ends, the iconic dance party celebrating its ninth birthday this Saturday, November 28, at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney.

Loose Ends will feature iconic Australian DJs such as Stereogamous, L'Oasis, Magda Bytnerowicz, Lillian Starr, plus Michael Magnan from New York City.

Speaking from Sydney, Mr Vaughan said he is looking forward to playing at Delicious party in Lismore again because people who attend the party are truly there to enjoy the music.

"I like that. It feels like more of a community event. People are really into the music, they come out to dance and it's really friendly," he said. "I also find the crowd at Delicious parties musically adventurous, so it's really fun to play parties because I feel like I can go all over the place with my music and the crowd seems to be very responsive."

The DJ said he has a close friendship with Frou Frou Productions, organisers of Delicious parties.

"I've known (DJ) Craig Wilson (from Frou Frou Productions) for a number of years. He has been down to Sydney to a party that I have put on there called Loose Ends, and vice versa, I have been to a couple of Delicious parties before," he said.

"It's been a year and a half since the last time I was up there.

"Craig and I have a lot in common in terms of our musical interests, so it's always really fun for us to play at each other's events. We fit really well with what each other does," Mr Vaughan said.

Mr Vaughan said one of the biggest influences in his DJ career was Byron Shire resident DJ Stephen Allkins, also known as Love Tattoo.

"I was very influenced by Stephen Allkins. I have worked a lot with him, and he has such an incredible knowledge of dance music that I feel I learned a lot from just listening to him play."

Matt Vaughan described his music as deep house, tech house and old classic house.

"I am probably one of the more varied and versatile DJs in Sydney," he said.

At the Lismore City Bowling Club on Saturday, December 12, from 9pm. 

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