Leaders watch as High Court tests Bleijie's VLAD laws

GOVERNMENTS across the country will be watching with interest as the nation's highest court sits to determine whether Queensland's controversial anti-bikies laws are deemed constitutionally valid.

Seven High Court judges will sit in Brisbane on Tuesday to consider a challenge to the Queensland Government's Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment legislation.

Hells Angel bikie Stefan Kuczborski, who is the face of the United Motorcycle Council of Queensland funded challenge, claims the laws are unjust and invalid.

He said aspects of the legislation which are being challenged include extended prison terms for bikies, bans on members of declared criminal organisations meeting in public and solitary confinement for jailed gang members.

The Queensland Government introduced the tough new laws targeting criminal motorcycle gangs and their associates in the wake of the bikie brawl last September on the Gold Coast.

The brawl involved more than 30 people and made headlines around the country.

A subsequent Queensland Opposition freedom of information request revealed 47% of criminal motorcycle gang participants had a criminal history.

The Commonwealth Attorney-General and Attorneys-General of New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory have joined forces to help defend the laws.

It is understood if the case is upheld, aspects of the laws, if not the entire legislation, is expected to be rolled out nationally in supporting states.

Mr Kuczborski, in his submission to the High Court, said the laws were constitutionally invalid because they undermined the institutional integrity of Queensland courts.

He further claimed the laws were invalid because they undermined Queensland courts and sought to enlist courts to "do the bidding" of the Queensland legislature and executive.

The High Court will determine whether Mr Kuczborski has standing to seek a declaration that the laws are invalid.

The State Government in its submission claims Mr Kuczborski does not have standing as he has not been charged with or convicted of any declared offence - APN Newsdesk.


  1. Bandidos - 72%
  2. Black Uhlans - 36%
  3. Hells Angels - 55%
  4. Highway 61 - 33%
  5. Life and Death - 44%
  6. Lone Wolf - 71%
  7. Mongols/Finks - 51%
  8. Nomads - 49%
  9. Odins Warriors - 37%
  10. Outlaws - 27%
  11. Rebels - 40%
  12. Overall - 47%

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