Labor says social housing privatisation attacks vulnerable

LABOR has finally found flaws in the Baird Government's plan to privatise public housing, saying it does not include any affordable housing targets and will force existing tenants out of their homes.

The government's Future Direction for Social Housing plan released earlier this week would boost rental subsidies in bid to push thousands of tenants out of public housing and into the private market.

About 23,500 new properties would be built or replaced in partnership with the private sector, with each new development being filled with 70% private renters and 30% welfare recipients.

After remaining unusually quiet on the issue, the Opposition has finally come out swinging.

Shadow social housing minister Tania Mihailuk said the government's claim of 23,500 new homes was a furphy, and there would only be a net gain of 9000 properties - just 15% of what is needed to fix the current waiting list of about 60,000 people.

She further criticised the plan to only transfer the management of 35% of social housing dwellings to community housing providers, with the rest going to private management.

"Thousands of single, vulnerable housing tenants will be forced onto the private rental market, which is volatile, unreliable and grossly unaffordable," Ms Mihailuk said

"This plan shows that once again this government is putting profits before people.

"This is going to be open slather for real estate developers and investors at the expense of the less fortunate in our society." -APN NEWSDESK

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