Former Australian cricketing great Adam Gilchrist.
Former Australian cricketing great Adam Gilchrist. Northern Star

Gilly is one of us

“WHO is Adam Gilchrist?” asked a girl intrigued by the hundreds of people lined up and down Molesworth Street in Lismore yesterday.

“He's one of Australia's best ever cricket players,” replied her friend.

She didn't join the queue leading into Dymocks bookstore, and judging by the 350 copies of his book sold yesterday, she may be the only person in the city who didn't know of the Australian and Lismore cricketing legend.

Back home for a flying, five-hour promotional book-signing visit, Gilchrist had little time to spend with his parents Stan and June in between media interviews and photo opportunities.

“That's pretty normal,” June said.

“We're just happy he could pop up at all.”

Lismore was not on the publisher's promotional tour for his autobiography, True Colours, until Gilchrist stepped in.

“Lismore wasn't written into the tour, but I was very keen to get here,” Gilchrist said.

“Not because of sales, (but because) this is where it all began.

“Lismore is home and where I feel I developed my cricket and I'm keen to give back to the friends and family that supported me. If I can sign a few books that's a bonus.”

Although he retired from international cricket nearly a year ago, Gilchrist's media commitments and his new role as the number one Australian best-selling non-fiction author, have kept him very busy.

“It's been a pretty extreme last month,” he said.

“I'm back on tour. But it's a great way to acknowledge the support I've received face to face.”

In the in-between moments, he loves being retired.

“The best part is not being dictated to by a cricket schedule that's chock-a-block,” he said.

“Now I've got the ability when there are school holidays or family gatherings to block that out and have time off.

“I've never had that luxury before.”

And the worst part about retirement?

“I haven't found that part yet.”

Of course, he has not fully retired from cricket.

“I'm still playing in the IPL (Indian Premier League Twenty20),” he said. “I'm contracted for another couple of seasons. It's a nice way to play without committing your whole life.”

And there is also a whisper of a commentary role.

“Channel 9 have given me an opportunity, that could see me as a part of the cricket coverage for some of the one-dayers,” he said.

While Gilchrist would not confirm if he would be in the box alongside Richie Benaud and Mark 'Tubby' Taylor, you get the impression he wouldn't turn down the job if offered.

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