Gap Road pedestrians not safe

ALSTONVILLE man Roland Schwertner is concerned for the safety of people walking along Gap Road.

He says that with the speed limit set at 100km/h, cars drive past at break-neck speeds, yet pedestrians are forced to walk right on the edge of the road because the grass on roadside is rarely mowed.

“It’s really dangerous,” Mr Schwertner said. “Sooner or later someone’s going to get hurt.

“I just don’t understand why the council won’t do anything about the grass, or reduce the speed limit. The best idea would be to build a footpath.”

Ballina Shire Council’s engineering works manager, Paul Busmanis, said reducing the speed limit would need to be considered by the Traffic Advisory Committee.

He said Mr Schwertner could write to the committee about his concerns.

“Speed limits on local roads are reviewed by the Traffic Advisory Committee and the procedure involves RTA guidelines which must be met,” Mr Busmanis said.

“Things such as traffic volumes and other issues would need to be assessed.”

When The Northern Star went to Gap Road last week, Ballina Shire Council workers had just finished mowing the very grass Mr Schwertner is worried about.

But he said it was not done often enough.

“It gets long really quickly. Even the guy on the tractor was surprised by how long it was when he got here,” Mr Schwertner said.

Mr Busmanis said Gap Road was on a ‘cycle of maintenance’ like all the other roads across the shire.

“Our resources are fairly limited, but these areas are mowed regularly.”

Mr Schwertner isn’t the only Gap Road resident worried about the length of the grass.

Fabe Pitt used to take her moodle dogs (Maltese/poodle crosses) to the off-leash area until the long grass started causing her too much trouble.

“My dogs only have tiny little legs,” she said.

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