Dutton trying to push refugee responsibility onto PNG

ABOUT 900 asylum seekers on Manus Island face an uncertain future, with neither Papua New Guinea nor Australia accepting responsibility for them.

The PNG Government revealed on Wednesday it wanted the detainees taken to Australia, in light of a court decision declaring the offshore detention centre on Manus Island illegal.

PNG High Commissioner Charles Lepani said yesterday it was the Australian government's responsibility "to deal with".

Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton levelled a similar claim against PNG.

Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs said PNG could potentially bring an international lawsuit to force Australia to take the asylum seekers.

She told the ABC the issue could be resolved in the International Court of Arbitration.

Mr Dutton said the asylum seekers would not be resettled here and he planned to "work with" the PNG government, or another country in the region, to accept responsibility for them.

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