Casino 10 cops short of a 24-hour police station

CASINO'S biggest wish for the New Year would have to be 24-hour policing in town.

Richmond Valley mayor Ernie Bennett is hopeful that it won't be far away but possibly not in the new year.

"It's my belief that by March 2015 we will have enough police to give Casino 24-hour policing," he said. "We meet regularly with the police local area command and have been told that they need to get 10 extra police for it to happen."

Mr Bennett said 24-hour policing in Casino would do a number of things for the town.

"Young hoons that have police monitored, knowing when their shifts finish, would have to think twice as there would be police on duty all the time," he said.

Inspector Doug Conners of Casino police said he was not in a position to give a comment at this time.

"At this stage 24-hour policing is definitely on the table for discussion but there are no concrete plans in regards to dates," he said. "We want to see it happen and there is a strong push for it from the community."

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