Byron man reports deathly silence on Bali streets

SAM Clarke of Byron Bay was in Bali on Saturday when the men who carried out the nightclub bombings of 2002 were executed.

Mr Clarke said that after the executions the streets of Kuta were very quiet.

He said security in Bali had been high in the lead-up to the executions.

“There is armed security at all major hotels and nightspots,” he said.

Mr Clarke said he thought a reprisal was unlikely, but it was a subject Australians in Bali were talking about.

“Everyone thinks the main target will be clubs in Kuta,” he said.

“It's on your mind, but it doesn't change what you do.”

Mr Clarke said while he thought it would be wise to keep away from nightclubs, he would probably still go to them.

“Terrorists win if you change what you do,” he said.

Mr Clarke said he was upset by the amount of media coverage the Bali bombers had received.

“They should have been locked up and never talked about,” he said.

Mr Clarke said he believed it was important Australians continued to visit Bali, despite the Australian Government warning them not to.

“They want people to feel they can come back to Bali. They rely on Australians,” he said.

Doug Luke of Byron Bay said yesterday was a difficult day. His daughter, Hannabeth Luke, survived the blast in the Sari club, but her partner, Marc Gajardo, did not.

Mr Luke and his wife Maggie are opposed to capital punishment. “It doesn't bring anybody back,” he said. “We're pacifists.”

Mr Luke said the Bali bombings were a terrible thing.

“It took over people's lives and took people's lives,” he said.

Mr Luke said seeing the bombers on TV had been an horrific experience.

“The media should not have been given so much access,” he said.

The Australian Government is warning Australians to avoid all travel to Indonesia due to terrorist threats.

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