72% of voters say No to live export trade

THERE seems to be a clear division among The Northern Star readers over the idea of a live export trade between the region and Indonesia.

On Wednesday we wrote how exploratory trade inquiries, initiated by Australia-Indonesia Business Council executive member Welly Salim, has strong support from Richmond River Beef Producers Association members.


POLL: Do we want live export to Indonesia?

Unholy alliance: meatworkers join fight against live export

Government can't stop live export cruelty: Ballina vet

The plan could see the Port of Yamba revived as an export hub.

We ran a poll online asking readers "Do you want a live export trade between the Northern Rivers and Indonesia?" and the results were clear: People have strong feelings about the live trade industry.

Out of those who voted (As at 11.30am), 72% said "No", 24% said "Yes", 2% said "I don't know - I need more information", while absolutely no one said "I don't care."

Do you want a live export trade between the Northern Rivers and Indonesia?

This poll ended on 10 June 2015.

Current Results





I don't care


I don't know - I need more information.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Over on our Facebook page, debate was raging.

Some comments included:

Jamie Robertson: We've all seen the resulting cruelty of the live export trade. The animals suffer greatly in transporting abroad, then are treated inhumanely once they arrive and are slaughtered. If this goes ahead I wouldn't be surprised if there's Bentley size protests.

Louise Cox: Before the export market was closed we were exporting our young goats to improve the blood lines of various herds in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. They were sent in planes cared for by an attendant and well cared for when they got to their destination. These animals were not treated badly at all, so I would say that not all live exports are bad.

Elizabeth Vickers: There is absolutely no reason why live exports should exist. Ever.

Carly Ervin-Horton: So the Northern Rivers doesn't want CSG in the region destroying land, poisoning animals and humans, but they happy to send livestock to Indonesia to be tortured. Hypocritical much!

Carly Ervin-Horton: Any culture that supports gouging out an animals eyes and breaking their legs before they are slaughtered isn't a country Australia should be associated with. If you think that is an appropriate way to treat animals, maybe you should take a one way trip to Indonesia. There is a huge difference between what an Australian abattoir does and the torture inflicted on an animal sent to Indonesia.

Trevor Osmond: Live exports exist because not everyone has refrigeration like us, get over it.

What do you think about the idea? http://ow.ly/NMMdv

Posted by The Northern Star on Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Giovanna Payne: No live export to any country, especially Muslim ones. Their slaughter methods are cruel and barbaric.

Anna Mason: Disgusting, have we not seen enough of how cruel live export is? How can you go through life and not give a hoot about another life like this?

Scott Robinson: This would be great for our regional economy and would open up our area to the Asia-Pacific markets for our local produce such as Sugar and grains. A working Port would mean less transport costs and reduce the need for bigger trucks transporting to other Ports.

Dennis Pickford: Greed.. What happens when farms are all foreign run companies that export all their produce leaving nothing for Australians that's our future

Rishi Davo: Just stop trading in life full stop. They are not your property.


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