7 reasons Friday 13th is lucky

LUCKY CAT: Friday 13th can be a lucky day despite how many black cats you come across,
LUCKY CAT: Friday 13th can be a lucky day despite how many black cats you come across, Supplied

SUFFERING from triskaidekaphobia - a fear of Friday the 13th - is common phobia.

But there's no reason to avoid black cats or walking under ladders.

Having been born on a 13th myself, of course I'm biased.

But here's seven reasons to love this date.

1. If you live in Finland then today you will be celebrating National Accident Day which aims to raise awareness about safety. As it's around 12.3 Lt per capita annually, they probably need it.

2. Alfred Hitchcock was born on a Friday the 13th in 1899 and his very first film, no surprises here, was Number 12.

3. The scary franchise Friday the 13th which comprises 12 horror flicks, books, a TV series and thanks to the lead character in the films, Jason Voorhees, a mask which will be forever associated with blood and gore.

4. One folklore tradition suggests if today you have a grasshopper in your home a distinguished guest will arrive, while a ladybird suggests visitors; and a frog indicates money is coming. Bring on the frogs I say.

5. There's always lots of great bargains to be had with shops offering special discounts.

6. It's a great excuse to stay home and keep out of harms way. I can feel a binge session of scary movies coming on.

7. There's a Friday 13th next month, so you have another 30 days to prepare.

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