6/7 Empty this Saturday in Lismore.
6/7 Empty this Saturday in Lismore. Supplied

6/7 Empty in Lismore

DANCER and choreographer Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal has been influenced by as many cultures as she has dance genres.

Indonesian dance, Japanese martial arts, indigenous Australian dance, ballet, contemporary dance as well as her interests in swimming and surfing, have influenced the creation of Tunggal’s performance, 6/7 Empty which she performs on Saturday, from 7.30pm, at the Lismore City Hall.

The dance performance tells one woman’s journey of realisation. It is based on Tunggal’s observation on the Pleiades constellation and how its stories weave through different cultures.

These stories, and much of our everyday lives, often involve the number seven including the seven star girls of Devils Tower (Native Americans), seven wives of the seven Rishis (India) and seven sisters dreaming (Bundjalung Australia).

Tunggal also notes the seven days of the week, the seven colours of the rainbow and seven deadly sins, all of which have a strong connection to her story and the one she tells in 6/7 Empty.

Though her performance is about her own personal journey, it is one that she sees as universal.

A woman washes ashore, after hitting rock-bottom. She feels a great sense of isolation but, before too long, she realises she can connect with the sun and her surroundings.

“It’s about finding that sense of home, of belonging and finding the personal in the universal. While it is a very cathartic experience, it is one we can all relate to,” Tunggal says.

The appearance of the constellation is also marked by festivals of light or lanterns in different cultures, particularly in Indonesia, India and Japan and is also celebrated in Lismore this weekend.

“I’m so happy to be performing at this time of year in this place – it’s beautifully organic,” Tunggal says of the timing of her performance during the Lismore Lantern Parade.

There are many layers of understanding to Tunggal’s performance, though it is all achieved through dance, lighting and music.

“You can feel the story through the movement, the lights and the energy,” she says. “It’s about searching for the light in the dark and exploring the connections between land and sea.”

Tickets to 6/7 Empty are $25/14.

And grab a bowl of pumpkin soup for free to warm your bones on a cold night.

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