$6000 fine for illegal doof party in Lismore

THE days of illegal doof parties may be over for the two organisers behind a Rocky Creek Dam party that was raided by police, after being fined $6000.

Lismore Police were called to attend the illegal dance party on the Mother's Day weekend of May 7-8 following public concerns.

These concerns included the level of intoxication among revellers, public urination and causing disruption to other users of the reserve.

The doof, called Pretty Vibes, was attended by around 100.

Following a review of the evidence and an assessment that the organisers had breached the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act and received financial gain, the two organisers were fined $3000 each.

"NSW Police have been actively working to take action in response to illegal doof parties, and have sought assistance from local government in this instance," council's manager of development and compliance Peter Jeuken said.

"The seriousness of the breach was considered high because of the potential harm to individuals attending the event, that the offence occurred on public lands and harmed the use of those lands by other sectors of the community, and that the breach was motivated by financial gain.

"It was important to impose a penalty that was proportionate to the seriousness of the offence, sets a proper precedent for future cases and is consistent with the intent and objectives of the legislation."

Senior Constable David Henderson from the Richmond Local Area Command Crime Management Unit said council's actions sent a clear message to doof operators that there are consequences for illegal activities.

"It's important that we send clear and unambiguous messages about this kind of illegal behaviour," he said.

"These operators have every opportunity to do the right thing and gain necessary approvals for their activities. If they do not, then there is a consequence."

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