500,000 voices sound Gold together

MORE than 500,000 students got together in front of a screen to perform the same song at the same time as part of the annual Music: Count Us In performance.   

Students at Tregeagle Public School practiced the song Gold, which was written by student songwriters, twice a week for six weeks.   

Teacher and choir coordinator Rachael Muller said the performance was a great opportunity for the school to be part of a much bigger community.  

"It's a big challenge to get new students involved in music ... it really combines everyone and makes our school feel like a community," she said.  

For choir students Olive Smith-Everest, 12, and Mia Johnson, 11, this is the second time performing at Count Us In.    "It's an experience," Olive said.  

"I enjoy performing in front of my school and knowing that all these other students are performing too."   

"I liked how we got to learn it in sign language, we'd never done that before," Mia said.  

"I reckon the song means your life is about to start, so live it ... and everyone is gold."   

This year's performance also focused on teaching the students some sign language.  

Ms Muller said it was a great opportunity for the deaf community to get involved.  

"We've been really fortunate to have a parent who is a member of the deaf community to come in and help assist with the learning of sign language," she said.   

Music: Count Us In is in it's ninth year.   

Three Northern Rivers schools got involved this year, including Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Tregeagle Public School and Caniaba Public School.  

Schools can already put their registrations together for next year's 10th anniversary performance.   

Registrations can be made online at musiccountusin.org.au/register.   

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