5 Ways an Online Degree Could Land You Your Dream Job
5 Ways an Online Degree Could Land You Your Dream Job

5 Ways an Online Degree Could Land You Your Dream Job

Most people believe that a college degree will help you get a good-paying job. However, did you know that an online degree can give an edge over your on-campus counterparts? It's true. You might think that it's a disadvantage to obtain a degree online but you couldn't be more wrong. Here's why.

You Know How To Take The Initiative

Getting an online degree takes more initiative than going to class. Yes, it does take initiative to get up, get out of the house, and get to class on time. However, the initiative that's required to get an online degree is incredible. You must navigate the university's maze of applications by yourself, apply for admission, sign up for courses, work independently without a professor to guide you through the course, and initiate contact with classmates for help when you need it.

You won't get the benefit of actually attending lectures on campus and that is a major selling point to future potential employers: you had to take the initiative to get your degree. It's in your nature. You'll be the kind of employee that takes the initiative at work - not waiting to be told what to do.

You're Technologically Literate

Taking courses online requires that you become very comfortable with technology. You must use various software programs to communicate with your professor, like online video chatting software (to watch lectures, both live and recorded).

All assignments have to be uploaded and emailed to your professor on time. Collaboration with other students is dependent on your understanding of the university's online web interface for uploading and sharing documents.

Your employer may like the fact that you're technologically savvy. It means that he won't have to train you on how to use the Internet for document transfers, uploads, and downloads. In a world that's quickly shuffling paper documents up to the cloud, this is a real competitive advantage.

You're an Independent Thinker

There is a certain amount of independence inherent in people who take online classes. You have to be an independent thinker, strong-willed, and able to work independently. Sure, there will be times when you will collaborate with classmates, but you're taking online courses for a reason. You like the independence it gives you. You like the control over your schedule it gives you. You like the flexibility it gives you.

What does all this say to your future employer? If says you're an independent thinker. You can juggle a tough schedule, adapt the work to fit your lifestyle and manage everything effectively and can be trusted to work alone without being prodded along every step of the way.

You Know How To Meet Deadlines

A requirement for success in virtual classrooms is your ability to meet deadlines. You do have to meet deadlines with on-campus classes, but it's even more critical when you're taking courses via distance learning. Meeting deadlines is a natural extension of your work ethic - which has to be strong if you're to survive and graduate.

What does this say to an employer? It says that you're dependable and that you'll get work done when you say you'll have it done. In other words, it says you have integrity.

You're Motivated and Enthusiastic About Your Work

Employers love motivated employees that are enthusiastic about their work. Taking online courses prepares you for your dream job. If you really are motivated enough to plough through your course and work in a virtual classroom, then you'll be the type of employee who has to be locked out of the building at quitting time. You might even show up on the weekends, trying to start the week early.

Motivated and enthusiastic employees climb the ladder pretty quickly, earn regular raises and almost never have to worry about being unemployed - even when economic times are tough. If that's the kind of job you'd love to have, then an online degree could be the ultimate testing ground for your future success.

Robert Chacon is an online tutor. His articles mainly appear on career and education blogs where he enjoys sharing his knowledge. Learn more about distance education by visiting the link.

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