We need the Lismore CBD to survive, and thrive.
We need the Lismore CBD to survive, and thrive. Google Maps

5 things that need to happen in Lismore's CBD right now

SO THE dirty looking streets, shocking patched pavement, cost a fortune in Lismore CBD council rates.

Subway owners now closed show Ballina $800 average while Lismore is $8000 average.

Five things need to happen.

1. Lismore City Council should acknowledge that more and more business activity is now online so should make CBD rates to become residential basis. Many online business transactions are home based.

2. The promised upgrade of CBD footpaths on both sides of the block and down to Conway Street should be upgraded to the standard of Ballina's main street now.

3. When Spotlight leaves the CBD that upstairs retail space could be converted into a Matthew Talbot style accommodation for our homeless and crisis accommodation, but not at current CBD oppressive council rates.

4. High rise accommodation blocks should be allowed to be constructed on land in downtown area where lawn bowls, swimming pools, Heritage Park, City Hall, library, Workers Club, art gallery, cinema, hotels and dining , supermarkets etc are located. What a retirement marketing opportunity - no cars needed in the CBD and level ground for these introduced dwellers using some land like airspace above Workers Club carpark or the Trevan Ford site etc.

5. All ratepayers in CBD zone should stop paying rates immediately - force the Lismore council to focus on the CBD where many in business now find their rent/rates bills are now matched by their power costs. If the council has a cash crisis maybe an administrator could be appointed and that person may be easier to deal with than the way our Lismore council has worked for over a decade.

PS: there is a lot of vacant land alongside railway station at South Lismore. Perhaps more accommodation could be built there in an above flood way with a pedestrian footbridge across into the Lismore Transit Centre & that too may help our unique CBD to survive.

David Hudson,


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