Search for $2m lotto winner

THE search for a $2 million winner of a NSW Lotto Superdraw continues – and will do so for at least another six years if the ticket remains unclaimed.

The unregistered ticket, which was sold at Lennox Head, won $2 million in the $20 million Superdraw more than a week ago, but the winner has not yet asked for the money.

“The winner has until 2016 to claim the prize,” NSW Lotteries communications manager John Vineburg said.

“So there’s no immediate problem, but obviously the longer the delay we become more concerned that someone has bought the ticket and is unaware they’ve won.”

If the money is unclaimed it will go into NSW Government consolidated funds.

“We still have a $3.3 million Oz Lotto winner’s money from 1997,” Mr Vineburg said.

“We have different groups of people that play.

“We had a player that we rang (yesterday) and he already knew he had won ($500,000), so it was no surprise. He had been playing for 30 years and knew his numbers backwards.

“The next group of people mostly wait for your call, but they have registered tickets which they check, usually within a week of the draw.

“Then there is the group that buys a ticket when they go on holidays and check when they get back after a month. Then there is the final group that can take months or even years to realise after the draw.”

While the $2 million unclaimed prize is significant, it’s not the largest.

“We have that unclaimed prize of $3.3 million from Oz Lotto in 1997,” Mr Vineburg said.

“It is very unusual for someone not to claim their prize, especially a larger prize. It’s weird that someone out there might have a $2 million ticket and not be looking for it. Most people would be turning their house upside down.”

Tania Taylor, of the Lennox Head Newsagency and Liquor Store, which sold the ticket, hopes the winner comes in soon.

“We have been simply run off our feet all week checking tickets,” she said.

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