Highest temperatures saw mercury go over 40 degrees

UPDATE 4PM: NO ONE will dispute that it was hot today so we checked around the area to find out exactly how hot it got.

You may have more dramatic temperatures where you live.

Ballina - at 1.15pm it reached 35.9 degrees celsius.

Byron Bay - at 11.27am the temperature was 28.4

Casino - at 3.28pm it was 39.9 degrees

Evans Head - at 2.10pm it hit 41.1 degrees

Lismore - at 3.17pm it was 38.4 degrees


UPDATE 11.15am: AS of 11am, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, the temperature in Casino has reached a very warm 34.2 degrees Celsius.

Over in Lismore, the temperature has hit 32.9 degrees, in Ballina it's 31.9 degrees, and in Byron Bay the temperature has been recorded as a cooler 27.6 degrees.

How are you keeping cool?


WEDNESDAY 7.45am: IT'S not even 8am yet and it's already 25 degrees Celsius in Casino.

So why is it so hot?

The BoM explains that a high currently sits over the Tasman Sea and a trough is located over central NSW, directing a hot northerly airstream over the state.

This trough is forecast to move north in response to a cold front slipping south of the state, bringing a milder southerly change to western and southern districts.

The change should move through the remainder of the state on Thursday, although high temperatures will remain over the northwest.

Following the change, another high pressure system will move across southern Australian and over the Bight, before the next trough is expected on Friday.

As of 7.30am the temperature is listed by the BoM in Casino as 25.9 degrees but "feels like" 26.1, Lismore as 22.3 degrees but "feels like" 25.1, Ballina as 24.3 but "feels like" 26.3 and Byron Bay as 22.8 but "feels like" 24.

And it's only going to get hotter, folks.

Wednesday's forecast is "very hot and mostly sunny" with a 30% chance of a shower or thunderstorm in the south this afternoon and evening, according to the BoM

Light winds becoming westerly 20 to 30 km/h in the morning then shifting north to northeasterly 15 to 25 km/h in the afternoon.

Daytime maximum temperatures 37 to 43.

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