CLEAN AND GREEN: Have you ever tried bamboo toothbrushes?
CLEAN AND GREEN: Have you ever tried bamboo toothbrushes?

21 ways to live plastic free

THERE needs to be something done. It's ridiculous the amount of plastic being used. It drives me insane.

If you want a few tips here are a few I live by:

1. Don't use plastic bags at the grocery store. If you forget. Load the groceries back into a trolley. Do this a few times you will remember

2. Buy a reusable coffee cup. Even Lilli Gillespie bought one for herself the other day. If you are desperate for a coffee sit down and drink it. Way better for your mental health. Some coffee shops will keep your cup there for you if you are a regular. Cool huh.

3. If you need a cold drink take your own water bottle. Chuck them in the fridge before you go or take a little esky bag.

If you must have a drink buy a glass or can drink or one in the shop's reusable containers such as a milkshake container

4. Don't use straws - we have bamboo reusable straws with little brushes they are great. You can get stainless ones

5. Ask for paper such as sushi in paper bag, bread in a paper bag, burger from a burger shop in paper.

6. Use reusable vegie bags for small vegies. Or use mushroom bags for loose vegies.

7. Don't use cling wrap. I haven't for about five years. We use containers or wax wraps or paper towel or tea towels.

8. Sushi - if you want sushi take your own container or eat at the sushi train or ask for a paper bag. Use their big bottle of soy if you need soy. Those tiny fish soy sauces are a shocker.

9. Tooth brushes - bamboo brushes are way cheaper. Chuck them in the green bin when you are done.

10. Go to a butchers to buy meat when you can. Refuse the plastic carry bag.

11. Use paper bags, paper wrap or a sandwich container to take your lunch.

12. Choose condiments in glass jars. It drives me bonkers everything is in plastic these days. If I have to I buy a big bottle of something and decanter.

13. Use dish-washing tabs in a cardboard box and dissolving packaging.

14. Choose toilet paper wrapped in paper packaging.

15. Don't buy vegetables in plastic, tell the greengrocer you don't want plastic wrapped vegies.

16. Try to find a reusable alternative such as zippy ties. You can buy reusable ones

17. Use jute string in the garden. It just breaks down when you are done.

18. Use bars or soap, you can buy shampoo bars. (I gave up washing my hair so I'm good).

19. Choose packaging for cleaners and bathroom stuff which is made from recycled plastic, if you have to use plastic. And buy the biggest size and decanter.

20. I don't use gloves when I'm cutting a child's apple. I use clean hands every time. I would argue that one.

21. Use bulk food stores. Take your own jars or use paper bags.

I'm not perfect but I try really hard.

The shop assistants in town don't even ask if I want a bag any more.

Every single piece of plastic ever made is still somewhere in the world. It never completely degrades.

Can you add to this list?

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