1867 tickets issued in one-day police blitz

Almost 2000 people have been fined during a one-day police blitz
Almost 2000 people have been fined during a one-day police blitz contributed

OFFICERS from the State's Traffic and Highway Patrol Command issued 1867 tickets for mobile phone use, not keep left, and seatbelt offences in a one-day state-wide traffic operation.

The infringements were issued during Operation Compliance 4 which ran yesterday, targeting dangerous driver behaviour.

During the operation, officers continued to see people disobeying the law, with officers issuing 1205 infringements for mobile phone offences, 156 infringements for people not keeping left, 358 infringements for not wearing seatbelts, and 1478 infringements for not wearing helmets.

Commander of the Traffic & Highway Patrol, Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy, said yesterday's operation should serve as a warning for all drivers of the risks on our roads.

"Yesterday we issued nearly 2000 infringements for risky behaviours that should by now be common sense for drivers," he said.

"Using a phone while driving, and not keeping left while overtaking not only puts a driver at risk, it puts their passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians at risk of death or serious injury.

"Everyone by now must know the risks to personal safety, yet I am still baffled to see over 500 people fined in one day for not wearing a helmet or seatbelt.

"So far this year, 262 people have lost their lives on NSW roads. This is eight people less than the same time last year, but it remains 262 people that should be alive.

"We need drivers to take full responsibility for their actions, to help prevent more people from dying on our roads."

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