The swollen Richmond River.
The swollen Richmond River. MARC STAPELBERG

$150,000 for 2009 flood clean-up

MORE than two years after the May 2009 floods drained from the Northern Rivers, the Richmond River County Council has been given $150,000 from the State Government to help with the clean-up.

Lismore MP Thomas George said the payment was part of $2.8 million in grants available to the council as a result of the floods and part of $270,000 already handed over to it.

The majority of the money – $2.1 million – had been set aside to help cover repairs to the Lismore levee, which was damaged in front of the Lismore Club by the force of the water pouring into the Wilsons River from Leycester Creek.

Another $250,000 is still available for flood-relarted projects.

The $150,000 committed to in the latest funds release is intended to help repair and restore a broader network of levees, culverts and drainage channels across the Richmond River floodplain – including the river’s tributaries.

“The Department of Finance and Services will continue to work with Richmond River County Council to ensure it meets the conditions of payment and that ratepayers receive the full advantage of the natural disaster relief arrangements,” Mr George said.

The Department of Finance and Services administers the local government assets component of joint commonwealth and NSW natural disaster relief arrangements.

Under an agreement with the Commonwealth, the NSW Government pays the first $119.7 million of all natural disaster costs in each year. The Commonwealth matches NSW expenditure for costs between $119.7 million and $209.5 million and beyond that pays for three-quarters of all costs.

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