Bruce MacDonald-Kerr:
Bruce MacDonald-Kerr: "Front page December 1982. I remember being so proud, thank you Northern Star".

144 year tradition: Dear readers, thank you

MY DAD has been buying The Northern Star for about 70 years and his father used to buy The Northern Star before him, so purchasing The Northern Star has been a long tradition in my family.

My grandfather would read The Northern Star, then would use it to wrap the bananas in that he grew to send to market.

My family has supported The Northern Star through rain, hail, sunshine, drought and flood.

At first, The Northern Star would be delivered to the gate by a courier, then the end of the lane.

Now we travel to Lismore for our daily read.

Sharon McBain.

JOHN Troughton had a contract with The Northern Star in the 1970s delivering the Star to Goolmangar Store and Nimbin newsagent, and also roadside delivery.

John retired in 1989, and there was a write-up in The Northern Star at the time. We have been reading the Star for many years now and will get The Daily Telegraph from the end of this month.

We have been receiving the Star delivered from Goonellabah Newsagent since the newsagent closed down town due to the last flood.

Verlie Troughton.

I HAVE read the Star every day in three stints for about 50 years.

I would particularly like to pay tribute to the contribution of former editor Jim Brigginshaw.

My particular interest is how Jim promoted lawn bowls through his weekly column. I was publicity officer at Alstonville Bowling Club in 1986, 87 and about 88 and did the club’s weekly column.

The Star took over the bowls column and Jim did it for about 34 years. There are photos of me in the Star when I played at East Lismore and Casino RSM.

I wrote a letter to the editor about having cricket restored to TV on January 16, 1980 and it was printed on January 23, and Jim added some side comments. I still have a copy of it.

I liked the way the Star had local, state, Australian and international news as well as the crosswords and tributes section.

Margaret Henderson did a half page item on my grandfather’s brother (Hugh Kenneth Kirkland) who served at Gallipoli and North Africa from 1915 to 1918. He was part of the 5th Light Horse Regiment that comprised a lot of men from around here.

My wife Lyn’s photograph was in the paper not long after our son Darren was born on January 1, 1978. Darren was one of the three born on that day at the Base Hospital.

Ray Kirkland.

I HAVE been reading The Northern Star for about 60 years.

My parents had the paper delivered to our home during my school years.

When I first stared working in Sydney, I would go to Martin Place to buy the Star. Then once I was married I had the paper delivered to my house.

The social pagers were important. My engagement notice was printed in the paper followed by the notice of my marriage and later the birth of my children.

Breakfast won’t be the same any more, sipping a cuppa while turning the pages of the Star.

Dale Smith.

I AM an 85-year-old born and bred Lismore resident.

My mother and father had the paper delivered to their home every day as far back as I can remember.

From when I married in 1964, my wife and I have always had the paper delivered – we will really miss having the printed handheld version.

My parents ran a business in Woodlark Street, Lismore back in the 1930s and I know they used to advertise in the Star.

My father sold the business to his brother in law and father in law, Gordon Crandon and Oscar Jagger.

My father used to write the rifle notes for The Northern Star under the non de plume of ‘303’.

When he quit rifle shooting, he handed over the writing of the notes to a long time friend Athol Mitchell, also a long time Star employee. Athol wrote under the name ‘Marksman’.

I still have a copy of the Star, dated May 9, 1945, with the headline, ITS OVER OVER THERE.

I also have another paper dated August 15, 1945 with the headline, WAR OVER – this one-page edition was delivered and the price was 2d (two pence, pronounced ‘tuppence’, or about 2 cents).

In my lifetime I have been through two major floods and a landslide – those floods being in 1954 when I worked at AGR’s general store and in 1974 when I was the manager of the Karinga Motel.

We also lost our family home in the 1950 landslide on Girards Hill.

Ray Cooling.

MY HUSBAND, Michael Lang, was featured in a story about the devastating storm which went through Ewingsdale, Tyagarah and Brunswick Heads on December 29, 1964.

The story was in The Northern Star on Thursday, December 31, 1964. It was in two sections.

One had a photo of Michael’s mother, Mena Lang (Mrs. K. R. Lang in the write up), standing in the remains of their family home at Ewingsdale and another of Michael standing in the rubble which was their dairy bales.

The other section was of the amazing escape Michael and his cousin, Donald Gilmore, had when the dairy was blown to the ground after they had just herded his father’s cows in.

Michael thought his “number was up” that day and every year on December 29, he remembers that storm. The devastation it left was unbelievable.

Michael has read The Northern Star almost every day since about that time.

Pam Lang.

IT IS with sad regrets I read that The Northern Star newspaper will be mo more. I lived for 30 years in Ballina and brought the newspaper every day for those 30 years. I moved to Toowoomba 2018 and still have The Star delivered to my local newsagency.

Les Mccarroll.

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