Ways to enjoy during this week’s rain on the Northern Rivers

IT'S going to be a grey week in the region, with the rain we've seen today set to stick around.

Across the Northern Rivers, there is the chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon, and showers are expected for the rest of the week and over the weekend.

Temperatures are set to stay between 15 and 28 degrees Celsius, according to the Bureau of Meteorology and WeatherZone.

So seeing as we're in for a wet week, here are some thing that you could do to keep you busy indoors:

Kevin Farmer

Get into that book you've been meaning to read

It's been sitting there on your bedside table just waiting for your attention. Now you have a perfectly good reason to settle down with it.

Do some cooking or baking

Don't want to go outside in the rain? Why not take the opportunity to cook up a huge batch of meals for the week, or bake some cookies. Another upside to this, apart from having delicious things to devour, is that your house will smell great!


Binge on Netflix

Because rain is a valid excuse.

Search YouTube for some workout tutorials

If you can't go outside for your usual exercise regime, log onto YouTube where there is a whole world of (free) workouts for you to follow along with, from the comfort of your own living room.


Whether it's with your partner, your child, your cat, or just you and your soft bed covers, take the opportunity that's been handed to you on a silver platter.

Spring clean your closet

Since you are indoors anyway, why not take the time to sort through your clothing and find a couple of items you could sell, or donate to a second-hand shop?

Hot chocolate

Need I say more?


Got some young children going stir crazy while locked indoors? Here are some things for them:


Arts and Crafts

From as simple as a colouring book, to building a cardboard house for their dolls, or a racetrack for their cars - you can get as complex as you want, but arts and crafts are a great way to entertain the young ones. Warning: Yes, this can get messy.

Good, old board games

From a time-consuming puzzle to a family-war game of Monopoly, these are a great activity for the whole family.

Scavenger hunt

Hide their favourite toys, treats, or other items somewhere around the house and let the kids go at it. Who knows how long it will take them - all while you enjoy a warm hug of hot chocolate (or a glass of mead).

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