TIME TO RETHINK: It’s a case of KISS and makeup - keep it simple and sassy.
TIME TO RETHINK: It’s a case of KISS and makeup - keep it simple and sassy. Grata Victoria

10 Beauty Bloopers

1. Using too much foundation

NOT only is this expensive, but excess product can cake in lines and wrinkles, adding years. Dot, don't smear, foundation on your cheeks, chin and nose and then blend upwards.

2. Sticking to the same old makeup

AS you age, the way you apply your makeup, as well as the colours and texture should change. While shimmery or dark shades look good on younger women, lightening up and choosing matte colours as you get older will subtract years. This is especially true of lipsticks. A dark red can emphasise lines or thinning lips while a rosy colour flatters and adds fullness.

3. Buying expensive, when cheap will do

SPEND your money on a great sunscreen, or a salon product that will pay real dividends for your skin. When it comes to eyeshadows, polishes, or lipsticks, you may be able to pick up the bargains, especially if you like to keep up with trends (and this year's favourite colour will be out of fashion in the year to come).

4. Drying and straightening hair without a protectant

ONE of the best advances in haircare are sprays that stop hair being heat damaged. There's really no need anymore for that fried or frizzy look. Try Dove Heat Defence Protect and Shine Mist, $8.41.

5. Lipliner that screams lipliner

LINING the edge of your lips with a pencil, then filling them in, can result in an obvious demarcation line, especially after some of your lipstick wears off. Apply your lipstick first, then fill in the edges with a pencil. And try to match the pencil to your lipstick - never use darker. We love The Body Shop's Nude liner, $18.95. Or try the Lip Line Fixer, a creamy, retractable pencil that forms an invisible barrier around the mouth area to help fill fine lines and prevent lipstick from bleeding. $19.95.

6. Overdyeing hair

If your roots need a touch-up, don't be tempted to use hair dye all over your strands. You'll get colour build up and less than true results.

7. Not using enough SPF

WHILE many foundations these days boast an SPF, it may not be enough to offer you protection from skin aging and skin cancer. Use a high SPF cream under your foundation and let it settle before you apply foundation.

8. Choosing the wrong skin cream

IF YOU are always breaking out, consider whether your face cream is too rich for your complexion. Switch to a lighter, more fluid cream and save the rich face cream for winter when wind and chill dry skin out.

9. Overexfoliating

EXFOLIATING is touted as the way to smoother, younger skin. But scrubbing your face with a harsh product can dry out skin and break capillaries. Stick to exfoliating once a week and try using a chemical, not a physical, exfoliant, for example a cleanser that relies on lactic or glycolic acid to shed dead skin cells.

10. Too dark eyeliner


UNLESS you are a Goth, a black eyeliner can seem too harsh, especially as you age. If you've always used black, experiment with a dark brown. Or try out colours such as blue or purple to see if they perk up your peepers. We like L'Oreal Infallible Eyeliner, $22.95, in Chocolate Addiction and Stay Blue.

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