About us


The Northern Star has been bringing news to the people of the Northern Rivers since 1876 and is an integral part of the community. As the premier news organisation of the region, it is the one-stop-shop for daily information on what's happening locally, nationally and worldwide. From sports results to TV programs, business happenings to young achievers, it's covered by the Star.

The Northern Star is one of the largest private employers in the region and hundreds of people earn some living from the paper, be they news reporters, delivery drivers, news agents or advertising representatives.

The Northern Star focuses strongly on readers, with stories told through the eyes, ears and mouths of local people. The style is informative and bright with a warm and friendly feel. The paper has a reputation of campaigning strongly for the interests of local people.

Reader interest across the entire community is also looked after in daily sections such as My Career, local sport, Lifestyle through Weekender, Rural Weekly, Better Business, and the brightest local arts and entertainment coverage through our weekly TV Guide and Pulse entertainment lift out.

The Northern Star also publishes The Byron Shire News, The North Coast Advocate, The Richmond River Express Examiner, The River Town Times, Northern Rivers Echo and Rural Weekly.


The two page first issue of The Northern Star was brought out on May 13, 1876, on the tiny Albion hand press that today holds pride of place in the foyer of the Goonellabah Media Centre. The primitive printing press is a small monument to the advancement of The Northern Star.

In 1955 building started on the media centre in Goonellabah, and in 1957 the move was made from the Molesworth St office.

In 1981 The Northern Star commissioned a 7unit Gross Urbanite Web Offset press capable of printing 40,000 fifty six page copies - or 2.24 million pages an hour.

In 2004 the press was upgraded to twelve units with six Enkel auto reel stands, increasing the capability to 3.2 million pages an hour. That's 53,333 pages a minute! Colour capacity also increased from 16 to 48 pages of processed colour in one pass.