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"It seems like Coalition governments - both state and federal - are attacking sensible educational..."

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"Good for you. Many people cannot quit in 20 minutes and would happily pay the $3500 to rid themselves..."

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"I hope that you realise that armed forces have no jurisdiction here unless they are needed to defend..."

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"No problem. Keep them off the dole for six months thereby increasing the need for many more social..."

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"Why is there no surprise in the finding of this politically-motivated Royal Commission?"

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"For half of the $7000 you would spend I will work one on one with you to help you quit. I did and I..."

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"Abbott's government is a blight on Australia. It is attacking our social fabric and hopefully the..."

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"You are counting on Joe Hockey to fund the $64bn? Alex you have to be kidding! The pension age would..."

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"Why doesn't the National Party - the self-styled voice of regional Australia - stick up for its..."

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