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"Abolish negative gearing and see what it does to the availability of rental properties and to rents."

Commented on a story 9:23am Oct 2nd

"This would be mere bagatelle in terms of what Hockey is looking for. The funds necessary to fight..."

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"They would still be using taxpayer funds and there is no guarantee that the results would be..."

Commented on a story 5:53pm Oct 1st

"another astute comment from NPD at Banora Point"

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"Was it that DLS was stupid or just some of the people living there?"

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"If Samoa can wind its clocks on 24 hours what does it take for Queenslanders to wind their on one or is..."

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"If you voted above the line in the Senate election, you probably voted for the Greens. Be more careful..."

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"Most planning laws restrict the approval of licenced brothels near schools and places of worship"

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"Troy is not only a great butcher but an astute businessman. Well done!"

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