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"Many parents are not competent!"

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"Seems like the old wage fund theory of the Classical Economists that was discredited 80 years ago."

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"Abetz shouldn't be worried about breaking an election promise. My count is 10 promises broken - most of..."

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"The stupid timber communities need to realise that there is far more money and jobs in ecotourism than..."

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"Although I have no franchise in Queensland, no amount of monetary promise by any party would buy my..."

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"You need to explain your comment more carefully. What "way" do you mean? Please give concrete..."

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"Eight weeks? Where are you? or do your kids go to a non-government school? If you don't like it, move..."

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"Won't be long before the only cars you can buy in Australia are foreign-made - thanks to the Abbott..."

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"With his track record on broken promises and massive backflips, if Tony Abbott denies something, then..."

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