Vinyl is back for a fresh audience

VINTAGE SOUND: Sarah Bentley and Ben Mannaa at their new store, Guitar Bazaar in Byron Bay, which sells vintage and used guitars, vinyl records and record players.
VINTAGE SOUND: Sarah Bentley and Ben Mannaa at their new store, Guitar Bazaar in Byron Bay, which sells vintage and used guitars, vinyl records and record players. Megan Kinninment

VINYL records are back in vogue and a new shop in Byron Bay is right on top of their revival.

Guitar Bazaar in Carlyle St has been opened by Sarah Bartley and Ben Mannaa selling both new and used vinyl as well as new and vintage record players and guitars.

While CDs and later digital files nearly saw the end of vinyl, the plastic is back and gaining a strong foothold in a new generation of music fans, Mr Mannaa said.

"I think there is a backlash against digital. People are wanting something tangible, rather than music on a digital file," he said.

"Most bands are pressing on vinyl again, and on the new record players, the sound is so much better than digital - it's almost an exact replica to the master tape."

The Goonengerry couple opened the shop last month and say they have been surprised by the age of clients.

"We have a lot of teenagers coming in to buy vinyl," Mr Manna said.

"I thought it would appeal to an older market, but the kids are fascinated by it."

All that's needed is something to play the vinyl on - and Guitar Bazaar has that covered too, with vintage players starting from $129, through to new systems up to $500.

After playing guitar since he was 10 years old, Ben Mannaa is also the man to talk to when it comes to vintage guitars. "There is nothing like a vintage guitar - it has a history and a unique tone to it," he said.

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