Oi, oi, oi, take the Aussie test

High and proud - the Torres Strait Island, Australian and Australian Aboriginal Flags fly high and in unison. Photo Christine McKee / The Morning Bulletin
High and proud - the Torres Strait Island, Australian and Australian Aboriginal Flags fly high and in unison. Photo Christine McKee / The Morning Bulletin Christine McKee

THE Australian Citizenship Test consists of 20 questions drawn at random from a pool of 600 questions.

To pass the test, new citizens must answer 75%, or 15 out of 20 questions, correctly.

Have a go at these 20 questions.

Which state or territory is situated between Sydney and Melbourne?

A. The Australian Capital Territory

B. The Northern Territory

C. New South Wales

Which state is the largest state in Australia?

A. Tasmania

B. Western Australia

C. South Australia

Historically, where are Aboriginal people from?

A. Mainland Australia and Tasmania

B. Mainland Australia and New Zealand

C. Mainland Australia and Golden Seashore

Which of the following is a Christian public holiday in Australia?

A. Australia Day

B. Anzac Day

C. Easter Sunday

Which organisation conducts federal elections and referendums and maintains the Commonwealth electoral roll?




Which of the following statements about the House of Representatives is correct?

A. The House of Representatives is also called the Low House.

B. Members of the House of Representatives discuss matters of national importance.

C. Half of the members in the House of Representatives are elected from New South Wales.

Which of the following is a responsibility of Australian citizens aged 18 years or over?

A. To do local community service.

B. To carry a passport at all time.s

C. To serve on a jury if called to do so.

What are the colours of the Australian Aboriginal flag?

A. Black, red and yellow.

B. Green, white and black.

C. Blue, white and green.

What does the yellow circle in the Australian Aboriginal flag represent?

A. The moon.

B. The Queen.

C. The Sun.

Which of these is an example of equality in Australia?

a. Everyone follows the same religion.

B. Men and women have the same rights.

C. Everyone belongs to the same political party.

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