Little Zahlia slides away from trauma of car crash

PLAYGROUND UPGRADE: Kookaburra Early Learning Preschool staff member Yvonne Bond and Zahlia Hanson, 3, are excited to have a new slide and new bollards along the fence.
PLAYGROUND UPGRADE: Kookaburra Early Learning Preschool staff member Yvonne Bond and Zahlia Hanson, 3, are excited to have a new slide and new bollards along the fence. Samantha Elley

LITTLE Zahlia Hanson, 3, is excited to have a new slippery slide in her preschool.

When a car accidentally backed into the fence of the Kookaburra Early Learning Preschool in May, Zahlia was trapped under the vehicle, which landed on the slide where she was playing. Luckily she escaped unhurt.

She was the first to donate $2 to the preschool to go towards buying another slide.

Three months later, not only has the slide been replaced but new bollards have been installed along the fence to ensure no such accident happens again.

"We really did try to get a pink slide for Zahlia but we couldn't find one," preschool director Caroline Swart said of the new red slide.

"We want to say a very big thank you to the businesses of Casino and the preschool mums and dads for their generous support and donations.

"We raised the money to buy and install the bollards and the protectors around them, and the free labour donated helped to keep costs down."

Ms Swart said special mention went to Kerry and Steve Murphy, Casey Leeson, Anita Morris, Ray Taylor and Casino Landscape and Gardening's Les, who worked at no cost.

"Les doesn't even have children or grandchildren here but was willing to donate all his time," Ms Swart said.

Staff member Yvonne Bond is only too happy to see the bollards put in place, as she, along with five children, were trapped by the car on that day.

"I was at the bottom of the slide and heard a revving sound," she said.

"I looked up and he was coming over the top of the slide. I took one step away from the car but it hit me and pushed me further."

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