It’s a Rudd clean sweep

LOOK AGAIN: Matthew Hardy, owner of Lismore’s Godfreys store and Kevin Rudd impersonator, and, inset, Matthew in a TV commercial for the vacuum cleaner franchise.
LOOK AGAIN: Matthew Hardy, owner of Lismore’s Godfreys store and Kevin Rudd impersonator, and, inset, Matthew in a TV commercial for the vacuum cleaner franchise. Cathy Adams

KEVIN Rudd may be out of a job, by Rudd look-alike Matthew Hardy is being inundated with offers.

Mr Hardy is the owner of Lismore's Godfreys store and recently donned a wig to appear in a range of TV commercials for the vacuum cleaner franchise.

So successful were his impersonations that he was flown to Sydney to appear on the ABC's Hamster Decides program with The Chaser.

"Those guys thought I was an actor," said Mr Hardy, who has worked for Godfreys for most of his adult life.

He never thought he looked like the former PM until he put the wig on.

"My father was the guy who did the original Godfreys ads 30 years ago and he had the worst comb-over in the world, which kind of became his signature look. So we thought we'd bring a bit of continuity and give the comb-over a go. Then the camera guy said; 'You look like Rudd' and we started this whole 'Ruddy big sale' idea and it took off," Mr Hardy said.

"We were looking for something that was irreverent without being offensive and thought politicians are fair game."

Once the wig was on and the idea in place, he said it all happened very easily.

"We'd do it on the run a bit. The marketing guy would try a few lines, the creative guy would throw a few things out and I'd put my piece in."

He obviously doesn't mind dressing up, casually mentioning he was in drag at a business conference the week before.

But now Rudd is not PM, Matthew doesn't think he can do Tony Abbott. But he is considering doing Clive Palmer for the next lot of TV ads.

"I'm looking at continuing the political theme. Clive might sue us, he's got a wallet the size of a lunch box."

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